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Old Age Home | Vridh Ashram | Jeevan Sandhya | Ahmedabad | Gujarat

                                                                 Jeevan Sandhya 

Jeevan Sandhya - Registered Under The Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 No. E 791,Date 1-4-56

Effect of changing pattern of society with generation gap increasing owning to differences in taste,manners,ideology and increasing tensions in modern life differing in new and old ways of resulting in disrespect and in some deplorable cases even physical harressment to aged people, a modest “Home for the aged” was started in Ramkrishna Ashram building some sixty years back,with increasing demand to accomadate more and more “Aged” people,and the necessity of having larger space,In 1978 Dr.Bachabai Nanavati donated her movable and immovable trusts' properties to run the home for old age people.

Impressed by the good work done by “Jeevan Sandhya” the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation gave 6000 sq.m. of land in most healthy area where we have constructed the spacious and most beautiful building to accommodate 200 aged people.The institution has built convenient rooms with healthy food,medical facilities,prayer room,lecture hall,library,physiotherapy center,beautiful gardens,swings and facilities to the end of the life of the aged to cremation or burial as per their religious belief.Every year one outdoor picnic tour to religious places is organised.

The Institution is basically supported by generous donations from the philanthropic people,who belive that the responsibility of maintaining “home for the aged” is to be shouldered by society in general.

Founder Trustee :

Late Smt.Virbala Nagarwadia,Samarathbhai Vaidy

Individuals can give donations for below activities(Please call and ask for amount for each item donation below) :-

1.Medical Treatment
2.Food and Oil Items
3.One Time Simple Food
4.Shiro and Kheer with Food
5.Ladu,Dudhpak,Fruit Salad,Mattho,Shrikhand,Mango Juice with Food
6.One Time Milk
7.One Time Tea
8.Butter Milk/Chaas in season

Other then this,anyone can donate any amount as per wish.All donations of all amount are accepted with love.

Cheque can be send in name of :

Vanprasth Seva Samaj

Address :

Jeevan Sandya
Near Ankur Bus Stand,132' Ring Road,Near Kalptaru Society,Naranpura,Ahmedabad – 380013
Contact : 079 27475521, 27497549

Please note strictly I have given above details for people who are interested in giving donations or help to such a great work being done.Any one who is interested in sending his/her old age parents/relatives to old age home, I would surely say that please remember efforts your parents took in raising you and in their old age don’t separate them from you.

Disclaimer : I have no association with above charity and above information is provided in good will.No Commercial Interest i have with charities mentioned.I am just trying to do my little part by providing information to those who are looking for it.


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